Trademark Symbol Usage Policy

All uses of The University of Texas System's intellectual property shall incorporate the appropriate trademark designation symbols (i.e. ® or ™) dependent upon the respective logo or wordmark's trademark registration status. There are limited exceptions to this policy, as bulleted below.

Trademark designation symbols for UT System intellectual property are generally not required when:

  • Embroidery is used in the process to decorate a garment
  • Used on class rings
  • The symbol is so small that it will appear as a blemish, dot, period or error
  • The symbol, in order to ensure visibility, appears as half the size or larger of the wordmark / text it is accompanying
  • Used on engraved awards, donor gifts, plaques affixed to internal walls on campus buildings or etched glass walls within facilities on campus
  • The symbol would appear outside of a mark / as a cut-out on a product
    • Ex: Symbol protrudes outside of a keychain mold
  • The intellectual property is displayed on a university's ".edu" web page
    • If a mark is displayed on a third-party ".com" web page under a license, the symbol may be used just once on each page and is not needed on every instance of the logo
  • A recognized United States Court classifies a respective mark as "famous," having achieved a high level of recognition by the public

The Office of Brand, Trademark and Licensing reserves the right to determine acceptable symbol usage or exclusion with reasonable discretion on a case-by-case basis. Please submit such requests via email to