Corporate Sponsors

Outside entities/corporations that have executed agreements either with the university or its representative and have been granted the rights to use the marks must have all use of the marks approved by the Office of Brand, Trademarks and Licensing. This includes co-branding on product and promotional materials. Corporate sponsors are expected to use licensed vendors when co-branding on product. Corporate sponsorship agreements are limited to athletic events or other university activities that are co-sponsored by the university in accordance with Board of Regents rules and regulations.  

Outside entities/corporations that are working with a system institution on a project or event, each contributing equally, may use their name/logo with the university name/logo. If there is not an equal partnership, the artwork is limited to stating as a fact what the university's role is in the project or event, rather than placing the university’s logo/name next to the corporation's. Projects in which the university provides informal assistance may not include reference to the university at all.

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