Filming Projects

UT Austin Campus

The University of Texas at Austin permits use of protected logos and marks in filming projects with appropriate prior approval and in accordance with the guidelines for each mark. All requests must first be processed through University Marketing and Communications before inquiring to use protected logos and marks. To get started, visit Filming Guidelines to ensure you’re in compliance with the university’s filming policies and procedures. Contact for assistance.

Please note that the word "filming" as used in these guidelines includes motion pictures, videotape, audio recordings, still photography and digital imaging.

The Office of Brand, Trademarks and Licensing is responsible for evaluating all protected logos and marks requests in filming projects and processing all required paperwork including The University of Texas’ license for audio-visual material agreements and fees. Upon approval from University Marketing and Communications, please continue with the process below for use of protected logos and marks.

Process for Approval (for use of protected logos and marks only)

  1. Contact the Office of Brand, Trademarks and Licensing by email with your request, including the information below:
    • Name and contact information for producer.
    • Type and description of the filming project (attach latest version of script/story board, if applicable).
    • What is the intended use of the filming project?
      • When will it be shown?
      • Where will it be shown?
      • Who is the audience?
    • Which university trademarked images, logos, buildings or insignia are requested?
    • Include information pertaining to filming on campus as noted in the above link through University Marketing and Communications.
    • Description of how the university trademarked images, logos, buildings or insignia will be used.
    • Are there sponsors or corporate entities involved?

  2. If the request is approved, submit a signed license for audio-visual material agreement provided by The University of Texas.

***If you are inquiring about filming projects at another UT System institution, contact