UT Austin Crafter's Program

The University of Texas at Austin is proud to announce a Crafter's License option for artisan crafters that make handmade goods and sell them through direct sales. Direct sales may include craft fairs, street festivals, farmers markets, flea markets, events put on by religious groups, communities, or governments, or online sales. This program is not intended for vendors wishing to sell wholesale to retail stores or other third parties.

The Crafter's License Program will allow crafters to produce their wares bearing the protected Marks of The University of Texas at Austin. Crafters may sell up to one of the following, whichever comes first:

  • 500 units of licensed product; or
  • $2,500 in sales of licensed product

The licensing fee is $225 annually.

Contract periods start on August 1 through July 31 of each calendar year. Crafters may apply from June 1 through December 1 for the next contract period. 

Click here for the application. Submit application and supporting materials to trademarks@utexas.edu.

Application Tips:

  • Fill out all available fields on the application. If the application is incomplete or requires additional information, it will be returned for edits.
  • Submit at least one high-resolution photo of each product you intend to license in a JPEG or PDF format. A physical sample may be requested for further evaluation.
  • If applicant wishes to license more than one product under this type of agreement, up to four (4) additional Supplemental Product Applications may be submitted with photos for approval. No more than five (5) products may be approved.
  • A signature is required on page 3. 

Application Steps:

  1. Submit completed application and high-res photos to trademarks@utexas.edu.
  2. If approved, Crafter’s agreement will be sent electronically.
  3. Mail signed agreement and licensing fee by check or money order to appropriate address.
  4. Upon receipt of agreement and licensing fee, five hundred (500) Collegiate Licensed Properties Association (CLPA) Labels to affix to licensed products, a certificate of authenticity to be displayed during all face-to-face transactions and a copy of the signed agreement will be mailed to Crafter. 
  5. Crafter may begin production and sales of licensed product.

Approved crafters are required to submit an annual sales report (provided by this office) at the end of the contract period. Sales reports will be used to allot new CLPA labels for the ensuing contract period if renewed.

Please contact trademarks@utexas.edu with questions. Thank you.