Learfield Licensing Partners

Why Have a Licensing Program?

Protect the Brand
  • Help with the trademark registration process
  • Ensure brand integrity by establishing policies and procedures that govern the usage of the trademarks
  • Create a style guide for all licensees to follow
  • Enforce policies and licensing agreements with legal support and audits
Promote the Brand
  • Partner with reputable vendors
  • Assist product selection and approval
  • Create marketing and promotional activations
  • Promote the brand via signage, print, social media, etc.
Profit From the Brand
  • Generate royalty revenue
  • Establish e-commerce partnership
  • Grow merchandise sales

Our Goal

Learfield Licensing Partners and the Office of Brand, Trademarks and Licensing aim to positively promote each University’s image while protecting its trademark rights.  All official logos and word marks are protected under this program.  Creating and maintaining positive relationships with manufacturers and retailers is an integral part of the program’s overall success, and helps to ensure that products bearing the marks of the University are of the highest quality and help to satisfy the consumer demand.

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Core Services

Learfield Licensing provides licensee management, royalty reporting and audit support, legal professionals and the Trademarx online system. They facilitate and manage all licensees through the application process and make sure all licensees are compliant with UT System policies. When needed, they can offer legal and retail enforcement. Trademarx Online is used by all Learfield Licensing client institutions and licensees and can produce real-time reports while serving as the main portal for artwork submissions.


What Qualifies as a Trademark?

Any logo, word mark, nickname, series of letters, or acronyms associated with the university that are distinguishable from those of other universities, teams, mascots, or organizations are protected under the UT System's trademark licensing program. The name or acronym of the university is still a trademark, regardless of font or style. 

Examples of Trademarks:
The University of Texas at ArlingtonTM 
UT TylerTM
UTRGV VaquerosTM

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Look for the Label!

Each time fans, alumni, and supporters purchase an officially licensed souvenir, the manufacturer returns a portion of that sale to the University.  The Collegiate Licensed Product Label is the consumer’s assurance that the products they purchase are as authentic as their support of the their favorite school or team.

Need more labels? Approved licensed vendors can order Collegiate Licensing Properties (CLP) labels here.



Each licensed manufacturer is required to submit all designs bearing the University approved logos through Trademarx, the artwork software program.  Once a license has been acquired, Learfield Licensing will supply the licensee a Username and Password to the Trademarx system.  All approved logos and word marks are available within the Trademarx system.  The University contact will approve all designs submitted from licensed manufacturers.

Where Can I Find a Licensed Vendor List?

All UT System institutions (except UT Austin) have current approved vendor lists available on the Learfield Licensing website. Lists update in real time, so check back frequently.
1. Visit: http://learfieldlicensing.com/vendor-list
2. Search key words (Ex: Rio Grande Valley) and click "view"
3. Open the PDF file



Once a vendor becomes licensed, royalty reporting for all UT System institutions are recorded at licensing.trademarxonline.com on a quarterly basis. UT Austin requires a separate User Name and Password that differs from the other UT institutions and is provided by 289c Apparel, Ltd.

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