289c Apparel, Ltd.


The Licensing Program at The University of Texas at Austin constantly looks for opportunities to improve brand strength in the marketplace.  Following a thorough analysis of our licensing business, we have adopted a strategy that reduces the number of licensees to create deeper, more strategic relationships.

We are managing the program by working with Learfield Licensing Partners through our master licensing agreement with 289c Apparel, Ltd. These two partners will provide customized brand management for our program. We will have our sideline supplier and 289c Apparel, Ltd. acting as our core licensed apparel and headwear producers with a more focused assessment of the non-apparel/hardlines category licensees.

This represents a significant strategy shift for the Licensing Program at The University of Texas at Austin as we move away from the current collegiate model to one that is more nimble and focused around brand communication.  Decreasing the number of licensees in this tactical manner will result in a better return and provide an additional boost to our consumer product and licensing program.

Concerning applications, The University of Texas Licensing Program will not be requesting nor sending out applications for licensing. Our goal is to seek out partners and areas of improvement that are identified through the greater insight we will have into the program.

If you have been contacted by the Office of Brand, Trademarks and Licensing or 289c Apparel for a non-apparel license, click here for answers to frequently asked questions.